Choosing the right look for your breast implants is an important part of overall satisfaction with the surgery. One of the main initial objectives is choosing between the fake looking implants and the natural looking ones. The overwhelming majority of patients today are looking for breast implants that have a natural appearance. The perfectly round implants that sit extremely high on the chest cavity are often recognized instantly as fake. Most patients today want implants that look so natural that people have to guess whether they are real or fake – and it is completely possible with the right surgeon. With the help of Dr. Patterson, you can choose the ideal shape, size, and placement for the natural looking results you want.

The Implant Type

The first question that patients will consider is usually the implant type. Both silicone and saline are available, with silicone being the most popular choice today. The majority of patients find that silicone implants not only feel more natural but that they have a more natural appearance as well. Although silicone does tend to replicate the appearance of natural breast tissue better, it does require a larger incision than saline implants do. Therefore, some people choose saline because the scars would be smaller and less obvious.

The Implant Placement

The placement of the breast implants is very important in making sure that they have a natural appearance. Every patient has a different body type, so Dr. Patterson will evaluate each woman’s build before deciding on the most natural looking placement. Implants that sit too high are often unnatural looking while too-low implants will give a saggy look. To avoid either of these extremes, the implants will be fitted carefully within the natural skin folds, just as if they grew there naturally. The positioning of the nipple is also carefully evaluated so that it looks completely natural and properly in line with the new implants.

The Implant Size

Perhaps the most important factor in making sure that implants look natural are making sure that they are proportionate. Many women choose breast implants because they are unhappy with their small breasts, but in an effort to correct that they may initially be drawn to overly large implants. The patient’s current height, weight, and frame should all be considered when determining the implant size. If possible, patients should be as close to their ideal body weight as possible so that a good long term size can be determined. In general, it is best to go for a change that is not extremely dramatic. Dr. Patterson will help guide each patient in choosing the implant size that will make them happiest, both now and for the long term.

Are You Ready?

Perfect breasts are actually the breasts that look both beautiful and natural. You can have both things at once, as long as you have the right guidance ahead of time. Dr. Patterson is the local leader in breast augmentation, and our staff will be happy to schedule a consultation to talk about your surgery goals today. Feel free to click below to schedule your consultation, or call us anytime at (850) 934-3756.