The skin is just as unique and special as the individual, so finding what works best for the skin is essential for anyone who wants to look their very best. A consultation with a skin care expert can help people figure out what their cosmetic goals are, and how those goals can be reached.

Determining Skin Care Goals

Prior to the skin care consultation, try to put aside some time to think about skin care concerns. Most people can immediately name their major skin care issues and concerns, but it can also be helpful to think ahead. For example, patients may want to make a list of procedures that they’ve heard about and want to hear more about. When preparing for the appointment, consider what types of products have worked well in the past, what types of products are generally preferred, and how much time can be devoted to caring for the skin overall. The skin care consultation will allow the skin care providers to create a realistic skin care plan that keeps the patient’s budget, time, and long-term goals in mind.

Consider Skin Care History

Beyond a doubt, the past has an impact on the skin. It may take some time for that impact to show, but the way skin is treated in the past will inevitably be obvious. For example, years of sunbathing or tanning bed usage will often result in issues like premature lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation problems. Chronic acne, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions can all have a big impact on the skin, even if they were years in the past. It is important to share past skin struggles with the skin care provider so that the specialist can determine which types of treatments are best. No skin care problem is insurmountable, but it is essential that the right approach is taken. This is one of many reasons that a customized approach to skin care is so important.

The Right Active Ingredients

If the skin care specialist knows about experiences with products in the past, they will be able to identify the right active ingredients to use in the future. Patients can determine whether they want to proceed with a skin care regimen at home using the right active ingredients, skin care treatments from the professionals, or a combination of both. Most people find great success with a combination approach, using targeted treatments that address individual skin concerns followed by a high quality skin care regimen at home on a daily basis.

The Treatment Options

The best place to get started on the path to better skin is a complimentary skin care consultation. There are a wide variety of options for aesthetic procedures including wrinkle relaxers like Botox, dermal fillers such as Juvederm, skin peels, and skin rejuvenation treatments like micro-needling. The experienced team of skin care specialists at the Patterson Skin Clinic are ready to offer guidance and skilled assistance in establishing the right skin care plan for each person. Call or click below to arrange a consultation that will help you get started on the path to more beautiful and younger looking skin!



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