Recovery from plastic surgery can go much more smoothly if you prepare the right way. Here are 6 ways to prepare your home before your cosmetic surgery procedure.  

1. Come Home to a Clean House

When you return home, you’ll need to relax and recover without worrying about a dirty home.

  • Clean the bathroom, and make sure that you’ve got clean towels, washcloths close at hand. Place a couple of extra rolls of toilet paper within easy reach, as well.
  • Clean the kitchen, and make sure that you’ve got clean plates, utensils, and drinking glasses ready to use.
  • Clean your bedroom and put fresh sheets on the bed.
  • Clean your living room and all other living areas. Do all the dusting and heavy cleaning now, because you won’t be able to reach and bend immediately after your surgery.

2. Buy the Materials You’ll Need for Recovery

Dr. Patterson will provide you with a list of materials to buy prior to your surgery. This usually includes:

  • Compression Garments: For breast surgeries, tummy tucks, and many other types of surgery, you’ll need to wear compression garments for support afterwards. You’ll go home in a compression garment, but you should go ahead and purchase other necessary garments ahead of time as well. For example, you’ll usually need to transition to a medium compression garment after wearing a high compression garment for the recommended period.
  • Prescriptions: If Dr. Patterson writes any prescriptions for you prior to the surgery, have those prescriptions filled and ready to use when you arrive home after your procedure. For any prescriptions written after your surgery, have your caregiver pick up the medication for you and then keep it together with your other medications.

3. Place Necessary Items Close By

Since you’ll be restricted from bending and lifting after your surgery, it’s important that you have everything you’ll need nearby at hip level. This includes:

  • Television Remote (and any other remote controls): Place on bedside table
  • Electronic Devices: Plug the chargers for all your electronic devices (phone, tablet, laptop) into electrical outlets close to your bed. Secure the cords to your bedside table so you don’t have to reach down to plug devices in.
  • Bottled Water: Keep a couple of bottles of water on your bedside table where you can easily grab one when you need to take medication or are thirsty
  • Medication: Keep your medication a basket nearby. Have a small notebook and pen in the basket so you can track your medication use.
  • Extra Pillows: Have a couple of extra pillow on the bed prior to your surgery. This helps with the necessary elevation as you recover.

4. Grocery Shopping

Do all the necessary grocery shopping a few days prior to your surgery. Some key items to have on hand include:

  • Bottled Water
  • Clear Soups
  • Crackers
  • Oatmeal
  • Yogurt
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Protein Shakes
  • Eggs
  • Chicken Breasts

In general, stick with high protein low sodium foods. Even if you’re not hungry after surgery, you need to eat at least a small amount to help keep your medication down.

5. Childcare Arrangements

After your surgery, you’ll be unable to lift or hold your children, and you won’t immediately feel up to providing entertainment for the kids. Arrange for a childcare provider who you trust to take care of the kids during your early recovery. This will allow you to relax enough to recover fully and rapidly.

6. Caregiver For You

Caregivers aren’t just for kids — you’ll need one, too. For at least the first 24 hours after your plastic surgery, you’ll need to have a family member or friend stay in your home to take care of you. This can include preparing food for you, helping you move around, and other basic needs.

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