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5 Ways to Get a More Contoured Face

If you’ve watched television, used social media, or talked to friends about beauty recently, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the big trend in beauty today: Contouring. Although contouring can consist of complex makeup tricks, you can’t achieve a truly contoured face that way. Want slimmer cheekbones, improved neck appearance, or less fat in the chin area? There’s a contouring procedure that will work for you — and it will last much longer than any makeup trick ever could.

6 Things to Expect Before and After Getting a Boob Job

Boob jobs have become the most popular type of cosmetic surgery for women today, and more women are opting for this confidence-boosting procedure every day. Although you may know that you’re interested in having a boob job, there are probably a number of things you still want to learn about this type of surgery. Here are 6 things to expect before and after getting your boob job.

What to Expect the Day of Your Plastic Surgery

Is your plastic surgery procedure coming up soon? This is certainly an exciting time in your life — after all, you’re about to make a change you’ve probably been wanting for a long time. However, it can also be a bit stressful if you don’t know what to expect. Below, you’ll find out exactly what will happen on the day of your surgery.

Recovery Expectations: The First 48 Hours

The first few days of your recovery from plastic surgery are an extremely important time for healing. The best way to achieve optimal healing and recovery is to have realistic expectations and to follow all of the guidelines from Dr. Patterson very closely. Read on to learn what you need to know about recovery during the first 48 hours post-plastic surgery.

What Your Caregiver Should Know for Your Plastic Surgery

Are you planning a plastic surgery procedure soon, and you’ve arranged for a family member or close friend to be your caregiver afterwards? Your plastic surgery is going to be a big event in your life, and these guidelines will help your caregiver know what to expect so they can support you through that in the best way possible. Give this article to your caregiver to help them prepare for your plastic surgery procedure.

How to Reduce Chances of Side Effects After Plastic Surgery

Although plastic surgery can be a highly effective way to reach your cosmetic goals for your face and body, it’s only going to have optimal effectiveness if you do everything you can for a smooth recovery. By following all of the post-operative instructions from Dr. Patterson at Patterson Plastic Surgery, you’ll have the best chance of avoiding complications and side effects. Here are the key things that you can do to reduce chances of side effects following your plastic surgery.