Breast lift and breast augmentation are often referred to in the same sentence, so it is no wonder that they are often confused. In fact, these two procedures are very different, as they address different needs. To determine which one is right for you, a consultation can be extremely helpful. For some patients, both a breast lift and a breast augmentation are needed, while many others will need just one or the other.

What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift is a surgery designed to reposition the existing breast tissue on the chest. It is often an ideal way to correct sagging or drooping breasts. A breast lift does not increase the amount of breast tissue like a breast augmentation does. Therefore, it can be a good choice for women who are happy with their breast size and shape, but are not happy with their breast position.

What is a Breast Augmentation?

A breast augmentation is a surgery designed to increase breast size. Most women are able to increase their cup size by one or more cups with a breast augmentation. The volume increase is accomplished with the use of breast implants made from either silicone or saline. A breast augmentation can make a dramatic difference in breast size, but it does not have any impact on the position of the breasts. If breasts are sagging, breast augmentation will not correct this issue. However, women who want both lifting of the breasts and breast volume increase can combine the two surgeries.

When Should I Consider Both Breast Lift And Breast Augmentation?

If you suffer from sagging or drooping breasts and you also want an increase in breast volume, having both a breast lift and breast augmentation may be a good choice. Many women choose to have both procedures, as they can be done at the same time. This allows for an ultimate outcome of higher, fuller, and overall more beautiful breasts.

Am I A Good Candidate For Breast Surgery?

Women should be at or close to their ideal weight before having breast augmentation, breast lift, or both surgeries. Significant weight loss and gain can have a major impact on breast appearance, so patients should ideally maintain their weight for around a year prior to the surgery.

It is generally advisable for women to wait until they are done having children and done with breastfeeding their children before they undergo breast surgeries. Both pregnancy and breastfeeding may cause significant changes in breast size and position, and the results of the surgery could be impacted. Of course, there may be times that women have unexpected pregnancies after having breast surgery. In these cases, there is always the option of a breast augmentation or breast lift surgery after having the baby if it becomes necessary.

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