Are you planning a plastic surgery procedure soon, and you’ve arranged for a family member or close friend to be your caregiver afterwards? Your plastic surgery is going to be a big event in your life, and these guidelines will help your caregiver know what to expect so they can support you through that in the best way possible. Give this article to your caregiver to help them prepare for your plastic surgery procedure.

Who Makes a Good Caregiver?

Are you ready to be a caregiver after your loved one’s plastic surgery? You might have some questions and concerns. After all, plastic surgery, while an elective procedure, is still major surgery. This means that as a caregiver, you need to be properly prepared. You don’t need to be a nurse — or even have caregiver training — to be a good caregiver after a plastic surgery procedure.

A good caregiver is someone who’s able to be with their patient as soon as the surgery is complete. You’ll be driving your patient home and helping them get settled, then staying around for support for at least the first 24 hours. Ideally, you should clear your schedule while you’re acting as a caregiver. You’ll still have plenty of free time, but your patient will need you to stick close to the home for a day or two.

Another important caregiver quality is willingness to learn. If you take a little time to review your patient’s paperwork (the information Dr. Patterson provides about the upcoming procedure) it can make recovery smoother and easier for both you and your patient. This paperwork will explain more about the specific procedure, the incisions used, and what to expect during recovery.

Tips for Caregivers

There are several tips that can make recovery easier for everyone. These include:

  • Before surgery, assemble all information and instructions in one place where you can refer to them easily when needed.
  • Keep a notebook and pen handy to keep track of when your patient takes their medication.
  • Stock the home with bottled water, as it’s important for patients to stay well hydrated after surgery.
  • Have plenty of simple but nourishing food on hand. It’s important that your patient eats after surgery, even if they don’t necessarily feel hungry. Pain medication can cause nausea and vomiting if it’s not accompanied by at least some food. If your patient isn’t able to face food, have crackers or toasted bread on hand as alternatives.
  • Plug phone, tablet, and computer chargers into the outlets near the bed where your patient will be resting.
  • Place the television remote control on the patient’s bedside table, or in a place where they can easily reach it.
  • Make sure that the pathway to the bathroom is clear of obstacles, as your patient will likely be moving slowly and gingerly for the first day or two after surgery.
  • Be sure to have extra pillows on the bed, as your patient will need to be in a partially upright position while they rest.
  • Have your patient move around after surgery, according to Dr. Patterson’s instructions. Movement can help prevent problems like blood clots, and it can help your patient have a faster and smoother recovery overall.

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