Breast augmentation is the number one cosmetic surgery among women today, and it continues to grow in popularity. One of the things that some people struggle with prior to their breast augmentation is getting to a healthy weight.


The surgery is  most successful when you’re at (or close to) your ideal weight before you get breast implants. Most patients start a healthy diet and regular exercise program to lose extra weight prior to the procedure. This also serves you well post-surgery. While you’ll need to make a couple of adjustments to your exercise plan, you can continue to exercise regularly after the surgery as long as you observe the following guidelines from Dr. Patterson.

Recovery Time: What You Should Know

When it comes to breast augmentation recovery, every patient is unique. However, the majority of Dr. Patterson’s breast augmentation patients are able to return to work in about a week. During that time, it’s best to rest as much as possible. No exercise  should be done for at least a few days, ideally for a full week. It’s  encouraged to move around the home normally. The bottom line: Take it easy after surgery! Dr. Patterson will discuss your specific situation with you.

Resuming Exercise

It is very important that you tell Dr. Patterson the specifics of your exercise routine so he can advise you properly about exercise after surgery. Heavy exercise should be completely avoided for six weeks following a breast augmentation. Moderate exercise may be permitted after two weeks, but should be approached cautiously. Light exercise like walking outdoors or a slow walk on the treadmill is best for the early weeks of recovery.

Chest exercise should be approached with particular caution. It’s best to focus on lower body workouts, at least until the pain and inflammation from the surgery are fully resolved. Any exercise that focuses on the chest, rotates the chest, or that has a direct impact on the pectoral muscles, for example push-ups and weight training, can significantly interfere with healing. Therefore, chest exercise should be classified in the same way as heavy exercise, and should generally be avoided for six weeks.

Resuming Yoga

Most yoga activities can generally be resumed after six weeks. Any excessive stretching and bouncing may cause issues with the pectoral muscles, and could cause bleeding or other problems with healing. Because body balance will change with new breast implants, be aware that there may be a short period of adjustment when doing yoga after breast augmentation.

Be sure to discuss your specific yoga activities with Dr. Patterson before the breast augmentation surgery, as he can create a customized plan for re-introducing yoga into your life.

Even though it might seem difficult to delay some types of physical activity for a full six weeks, you can stay on your healthy eating and exercise plan by keeping up a light exercise routine until you’re fully healed. If you follow the post breast augmentation exercise guidelines closely, you’ll soon be enjoying your stunning new curves as you keep up the routines that help you look great.

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