If you’ve already decided that you want to have plastic surgery like a breast augmentation or a non-surgical cosmetic procedure like Botox , the next logical step is figuring out the financial end of it. Many people are not aware that the options may be more varied than they think. There are three things you should know before you plan the financing for your plastic surgery.

The Varied Options

Many plastic surgeons now offer financing options through companies like Care Credit. Patterson Plastic Surgery gives their patients two different financing options for plastic surgery procedures: Prosper Healthcare LendingCare Credit and Alphaeon, an option offered only by board-certified doctors. Both of these credit lines work much in the same way that a new car loan or a mortgage would work.

The financing company will ask for your personal information so that they can run a credit check. People with good credit can usually expect immediate approval for cosmetic surgery procedures. You’ll then just need to make monthly payments on your balance, just like you would with a regular credit card. As with any line of credit, you’ll typically pay interest, which varies by account.

The Promotional Offers

If possible, take advantage of no-interest or deferred interest offerings from finance companies like Care Credit and Alphaeon. This will allow you to spread out payments without losing a lot of money on interest payments. While these offers are not always in place, it never hurts to ask about current promotional offers when you apply for your line of credit.

Patterson Plastic Surgery sometimes offers specials for certain procedures. Check with the staff to find out what the current offers are – these offers can often help you save money on your procedure, especially if you plan to have more than one procedure done.

You Aren’t Limited to Surgical Procedures

One of the biggest surprises for many people who apply for plastic surgery financing is that the financing companies don’t limit procedures to surgical ones. Financing covers not just surgeries like breast augmentations and facelifts but also non-surgical procedures such as Ultrashape V3 and Botox. Some patients elect to get both a surgery and a non-surgical procedure done at the same time, or a patient might choose an entirely non-surgical approach to anti-aging. No matter what the procedures needed, as long as the procedures are offered and administered by a physician like Dr. Patterson they will normally be covered by financing companies like Care Credit and Alphaeon.

Questions About Paying For Your Procedure?

Still have questions about how to pay for your procedure? We are here to help. Patterson Plastic Surgery is one of the leading providers of both surgical and non-surgical face and body enhancements in the entire Gulf Coast area. Click below to arrange a consultation and to discuss the best financing option for you!