One of the most persistent – and most frustrating – facial imperfections for many women and men is the dreaded double chin, also known as submental fat. Even when you get down to your goal weight, the excess fat in the chin area tends to be stubborn. In past years, the only way to permanently resolve the double chin was to go under the knife. However, many people just don’t want to deal with the risks of that major surgery, and they don’t want to suffer through an extended recovery period. The newest innovation in the world of cosmetic enhancement is a double chin busting injection called Kybella.

How Kybella Works 

Kybella, officially called ATX-101, is made from deoxycholic acid. This specific variant of deoxycholic acid is patented by Kythera Biopharmaceuticals and has been FDA approved for use in the removal of neck fat. Deoxycholic acid occurs naturally within the human body and is one of the key molecules in the metabolization of dietary fats. Since these acid molecules already dissolve fat, they merely need to be specifically directed into the right areas to dissolve the fat of the double chins. The procedure is done under local anesthesia, in a series of small injections. Since the injections are done with ultra-fine needles, the pain level is generally very minimal, especially since the area is pre-numbed. The number of injections may range from 20 to 30, and the process generally takes around half an hour or 45 minutes to complete. The newly liquified fat will be eliminated through normal bodily functions, and will cause no damage to the surrounding tissues or the body as a whole.

Kybella Recovery and Results 

Most people see a dramatic difference after just one injection session, but people with pronounced double chins may need two to three sessions. Those who want to fully eliminate all traces of fat and leave a highly defined chin may elect to have further sessions, even if they achieve very positive results after the initial session. People often remark that they can look into a mirror and see positive results within only days.

KybellaPatientPRI4BeforeAfterSideView.jpgPhoto provided by Allergan, Inc.

Friends and family may notice something different, but won’t quite be able to put their finger on what it is. There are no incision marks, and it is rare to see obvious needle marks. Any obvious needle marks will generally fade away in the first few days after the treatment. Patients generally experience very little pain during recovery. At most, a mild tenderness may occur. This is normally managed well with over the counter pain relievers. Most people don’t need to take any time off work following a Kybella procedure, and in fact, it can be performed during a lunch break or another short break within the course of an ordinary day.

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