Botox is a non-invasive way to temporarily relax away lines and wrinkles. Only very small quantities of Botox are needed to have a major impact. When the Botox is injected into the muscles that cause the lines and wrinkles, the face will become smoother and younger looking. Dr. Patterson will make sure that patients get a natural looking and youthful result.

What Can Botox be Used For?

The most popular use of Botox is the correction of forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet (fine lines at the sides of the eyes,) and lines between the eyebrows. Botox is an excellent way to smooth away wrinkles, especially for the upper face. It can also prevent lines from re-forming. In older people, particularly those people who have deeply entrenched lines, Botox will soften the lines but a skin rejuvenation treatment may also be needed to eliminate deep wrinkles. Another benefit of Botox is that in some cases, patients that receive injections may experience relief from chronic migraines. It is important for patients to be aware that Botox is not meant to add volume to the face. People who have facial creases, for example, creases on either side of the nose, may want to consider a dermal filler like Juvederm to add the necessary volume.

Botox Results: What to Expect

Botox lasts up to three months in most patients. The injections are quite fast and there will be only minimal discomfort. Since the treatment causes very little discomfort, no recovery time is required. If desired, a person can even have Botox during their lunch break and then return to work right away. After the Botox treatment session, most people will see results within two days. The appearance will continue to improve until the maximum results are seen at around the one week mark. If future treatments are done on a regular basis, for example, every three months, there is no need for the wrinkles to resurface at all.

People who choose a qualified and experienced provider can expect the best results. While there are many doctors who technically have the license to inject Botox, they may not all have the qualifications. Choosing a doctor who has the proper qualifications and experience in this specific area can make the difference between a “frozen” look and a beautiful natural look. Dr. Patterson has the training, knowledge, and skills needed to inject Botox for a natural looking yet youthful result.


Is Botox Right For You?

Botox can be the ideal answer for people who want to look younger and more rested. It is a convenient and highly effective solution for anyone who hates their wrinkles but doesn’t want to have plastic surgery to get rid of them. If you’re ready to try Botox, call the Patterson Skin Clinic offices to discuss the procedure, the cost, and your options today. We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve a newly youthful look!

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