Before your tummy tuck, Dr. Patterson will review your medical history with you as well as doing a physical examination to make sure you are healthy enough for the surgery and the recovery period. However, that isn’t the only way that you can prepare. Here are some important tips that you’ll need to know during the tummy tuck recovery period.


Be sure to arrange a ride home after the tummy tuck surgery. You will be groggy from the anesthesia and will not be able to drive. Your family member or friend should also be on hand to help you settle in at home post surgery. If they can stay for at least a few days around the clock, that will allow you to rest and focus on healing.


During the post tummy tuck period, you will be taking medications prescribed by Dr. Patterson. These medicines will help prevent infection and will allow you to heal properly. However, it is also important that you avoid medications such as aspirin, anti-inflammatory medication, and herbal supplements. Some of these medicines could raise the risk of bleeding. Dr. Patterson will advise you on when to resume any medications that you have to stop taking for the tummy tuck.


If you’re a smoker, you will be advised to stop smoking as far in advance of the surgery as possible. It is also best to avoid smoking after the surgery, as this will allow for better healing and will lower the risk of complications.

Alcohol and Caffeine

Avoid alcohol and caffeine while you’re healing. These substances can cause a delay in healing since they may exacerbate swelling.


Staying hydrated with the right fluids is important, and there is no fluid better than water. Try to drink water with every meal as well as during the day. The better hydrated you are, the better you will look, feel, and heal.


If you have children, it is very important to make sure that you arrange for childcare for at least the first week after your tummy tuck. You will not be able to lift anything of significant weight, bend over, or do most of the things that are generally involved in the care of active young children. While it may go against your mommy instincts, it is important that you don’t try to do anything that involves major movement until you are healed. Your body will thank you for it, and you will feel better faster if you let yourself heal.

Home Prep

Before you leave for your surgery, do a few things around the home to make the recovery easier. Change the linens on the bed, have an extra blanket on the bed in case you get cold, and make sure that your bedside tables are set up with all the recovery essentials. Having your water bottle, reading material, and tv remotes within easy reach will save you time and aggravation as you heal. Keep toiletries like lotion, face wipes, and antibacterial hand gel close at hand as well. Be sure that the fridge is stocked up with easy prep foods that you can eat fresh or microwave because you probably won’t feel like cooking in the first few days or week. Have the cell phone charger right next to your bed, where you can easily reach it.

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