Whether you have small breasts or Double Ds, a certain level of breast sagging will happen over time. Virtually every woman in the world experiences breast sagging, so you definitely aren’t alone. While it may be completely normal, that doesn’t change the fact that it really bothers many women.

Why Breasts Sag

Breasts start to sag for a variety of reasons. Gravity is a leading cause of breast sagging, but other reasons can be quite common too. Pregnancy is one of the leading causes of breast sagging. During pregnancy, the breasts generally swell, but after the pregnancy and breastfeeding is over the breasts shrink again. The rapid growth and shrinking can take its toll on the breast tissue by causing significant sagging. The breast tissue can also shrink naturally over time. This results in volume loss, which can lead to sagginess. There are plenty of theories about how to prevent breast sagging, but which of them actually work? The answers are below.

Breast Lifting Creams

Breast lifting and firming creams are widely available today, and they are quite popular too. After all, most people would love to have a super easy way to lift their breasts, simply by smoothing on cream every day. Unfortunately, creams can’t lift the breasts. Even if the cream says it was made expressly for that purpose, the simple fact is that the cream can’t negate the impact of gravity, and it won’t make the supporting breast tissues stronger. While a cream won’t lift your breasts, it can help with keeping them moisturized. It’s always a good idea to use quality moisturizers all over the body, but when you use these creams expect only moisturizing benefits, not breast lift.

Breast Lifting Exercises

Exercise is always a great thing, and it is an important part of an overall healthy lifestyle. While exercise can help you maintain your weight and develop the figure you want, it can’t actually firm the breasts. There are special pectoral exercises that can build up the chest muscles, and those may give the breasts a very slightly lifted look due to the presence of the new muscles. However, there is no exercise that can actually make a significant change in the position of the breasts.

What Actually Works For Breast Lifting?

Part of avoiding breast sagging is prevention. Strive to stay at a consistent weight, as rapid weight gain and loss can wreak havoc on the breast tissue and result in sagging. Always wear a sports bra when working out, and don’t go braless at other times, either. If you’re awake, wear a bra to give your breasts the support they need. These prevention tips may help avoid breast sagging as much as possible.

What Can Surgery Do?

Breast lift surgery is the best and most effective option (actually, the only true option) for lifting breasts. The breasts can be completely repositioned so that they are moved to the level where they were prior to sagging. If desired, breasts can even be lifted higher than they were previously. A breast lift surgery will not change the amount of breast tissue, however. Some patients may want both fuller breasts and higher breasts, and this may be best addressed by a combination of breast lift and breast augmentation.

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