Planning Your Laser Hair Removal

Dr. Patterson begins with a comprehensive consultation and examination of the skin to determine which procedure is best to meet your needs.

The Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Treatment will take place at Patterson Plastic Surgery. A small handpiece is used to deliver each laser pulse. The treatment take anywhere from a few minutes to 1 hour, depending on the treatment area and its condition. Slight discomfort with each laser pulse is felt by some patients, described like the snapping of a rubber band on the skin. This discomfort resolves quickly and is minimized by the Dynamic Cooling Device or air cooling. For some patients, a topical anesthetic may be used.

The number of sessions depends on the required treatment and skin condition. For hair removal, a number of treatments are required, while other conditions may only require one treatment.

Preparing for Your Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal patients should avoid plucking, waxing or electrolysis for 6 weeks prior to and after treatment. Avoid skin irritation or intentional skin tanning 4 weeks before and after treatment. If treated within 2 weeks of active tanning (natural sunlight or tanning booth), white spots may develop and may not clear for 2-3 months. The skin should be clean-shaven 24-48 hours prior to treatment. Be sure to discontinue use of any irritant topical agents for 2 days prior to treatment. Please arrive with clean skin, having removed any makeup, creams, oils, lotion, perfume, powder or self-tanning products, for treatment.

The Laser Hair Removal Recovery

Hair removal patients may have redness and swelling of each hair follicle in the treatment site immediately after the procedure. This may last several hours. The treated area may feel like a sunburn for a few hours after treatment. A cool compress or gel pack may be applied following your treatment for comfort. For 24 hours after treatment of underarms, powder is suggested instead of deodorant. Doing so will reduce skin irritation. Use a sunblock (SPF 30+) throughout the course of treatment. Avoid hair removal products for 4-6 weeks. Shaving is the preferred method. Your next appointment should be at the first sign of new hair growth. This may be within 4-6 weeks for the upper body and possibly as long as 2-3 months for the lower body. Hair re-growth occurs at different rates. New hair growth will not occur for at least 3 weeks after treatment.

About Our Laser System of Choice

We trust GentleMax Pro to remove unwanted hair, as well as sun and age spots and facial and leg veins- efficiently and effectively on all skin types. GentleMax Pro uses laser technology to deliver an intense but gentle burst of energy onto targeted areas of the skin, delivering a controlled amount of therapeutic heat to the targeted area safely and effectively. The GentleMax Pro utilizes the technology of two different lasers: Alexandrite and Nd-YAG for hair removal as well as the eTwo system for skin rejuvenation.

Alexandrite Laser

Treats hair removal and skin pigmentation-works on all skin colors.

  • Does NOT work on hair with no pigment such as white, gray, or light blonde hair
  • Works best on light skin, dark hair
  • Can also treat pigmented skin lesions

Nd-YAG Laser

Treats hair removal on darker skin with lower power settings so the skin is not burned. Skin pigmentation (pigmented lesions) is treated easily and produces results immediately (within next 15 minutes). Also treats very small vascular lesions on face and neck: this is virtually pain free.

Hair Removal:

  • Dark hair on light skin gets best results
  • Multiple treatments are necessary in order for permanent results
  • Minimum of 3-6 treatments necessary

Still have some questions, or want to find out more? The next step is easy: Consultation with Dr. Patterson. Our staff will be happy to discuss laser skin resurfacing or laser hair removal with you further. At Patterson Plastic Surgery, we want to be your partner in achieving the appearance you’ve always wanted!