Ear reshaping surgery (otoplasty) improves the shape or position of ears that protrude or appear unusually large in relation to other facial features. During the procedure, a small incision on the back of the ear enables Dr. Patterson to reposition the ears for a more desirable appearance. Both children and adults may benefit from otoplasty.

The Otoplasty Process

Otoplasty is a surgical process to reshape the ear, set prominent ears back closer to the head, or reduce the size of larger ears. A variety of different techniques and approaches may be used to reshape congenital prominence in the ears or to restore damaged ears. Each individual seeking otoplasty is unique both in terms of the appearance of their ears and expectations for results following otoplasty surgery.

Planning Your Otoplasty

Planning your otoplasty with Dr. Patterson, begins with a comprehensive consultation and examination. A price quote will be given during your consultation. You will go home same day as surgery.

Preparing for Your Otoplasty

After your initial consultation, you will have a second visit with us two weeks prior to your scheduled procedure. This visit will cover any pre and postop instructions as well as any medication that will need to be administered after.

The Otoplasty Procedure

The procedure typically takes from a few minutes to 1 hour. You will go home same day as surgery.

Otoplasty Recovery

Patients typically return to non strenuous work or school in 5-7 days. Return to strenuous activities is permitted 4-8 weeks post op.

Otoplasty Aftercare

Dr. Patterson will see you for a follow-up appointment. The Patterson Plastics team is always available to assist you with any questions following your procedure.


Still have some questions, or want to find out more? The next step is easy, schedule a consult with Dr. Patterson. Our staff will be happy to discuss otoplasty with you further. At Patterson Plastic Surgery, we want to be your partner in achieving the appearance you’ve always wanted!