Significantly overweight patients who lose a large amount of weight have accomplished something that is enormously beneficial for their body. However, the weight loss alone may not give you the body that you want. This is often in large part due to the excess skin left behind once the extra weight is lost. Extra skin tends to remain in many different areas, but may be especially significant in the abdominal area. A tummy tuck allows for the removal of this excess skin, but it is not a magic bullet solution. Here are three things you should know about tummy tuck after weight loss.

  1. Maintaining Results Requires Healthy Living

The results gained with the tummy tuck will only last if patients are diligent about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This means keeping weight under control, preferably at the same level or lower than it was pre-surgery. This requires more than a short-term diet. Instead, a lifestyle change that focuses on overall healthy eating and regular exercise will best the best way to keep the abdominal area looking good. Patients who smoke should stop smoking, as it helps aid in healing in addition to the other health benefits.

  1. Skin Laxity is Permanently Altered From Weight Gain

Since the skin loses its elasticity due to being stretched out by the weight gain, it can’t simply snap back into place. The skin is like a rubber band in this regard. As the band is stretched, both the upper and lower layers of the skin are weakened significantly until it can no longer return to its former state, regardless of weight loss. Even removing some of the excess skin via surgery does not change the fact that the skin laxity was significantly reduced overall. A tummy tuck is an excellent way to tighten up the abdominal skin as much as possible.

However, it is extremely important that patients recognize the fact that a tummy tuck procedure is not able to alter the laxity of the skin. The skin will be significantly tightened, but skin laxity issues may mean that the abdomen area will seem to stretch out or pouch even after the surgery. This type of issue is not uncommon in patients who were significantly overweight in the past.

Having realistic expectations in regards to how skin laxity impacts results is always important. Talk to Dr. Patterson to be sure that you understand the possible outcomes of the surgery. People who are unhappy with the surgery may choose to undergo revision surgery for skin laxity issues in the future, which will incur new surgical fees. The surgery can’t change a formerly stretched-out stomach into one with super-flat abs. However, tummy tuck surgery can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of the abdominal area as long as the patient has realistic expectations and a commitment to maintaining their good results.

  1. A Consultation is Very Important

The importance of a consultation cannot be overstated when it comes to tummy tuck surgery post weight loss. During a consultation, you will discuss your medical history, your current health, and all the possible treatment options with Dr. Patterson. Our goal at Patterson Plastic Surgery is to have happy patients who love their new bodies. For that reason, we believe in honest and straightforward consultations that will let you know what you can truly expect. If you are interested in a tummy tuck, breast reduction, breast augmentation, or another surgical procedure, click below to schedule a consultation today!