A breast lift is a highly effective way to bring back a youthful and attractive look to breasts that have started to sag. There are many reasons that breasts sag, including gravity, weight changes, and pregnancy and breastfeeding. Eventually, the nipples may point towards the ground or to the sides rather than pointing gently upwards. Some women have always had sagging breasts or breasts that are positioned undesirably low on the chest cavity due to genetics. Regardless of the reason for the sagging, it can be corrected with a breast lift procedure. A breast lift is an ideal procedure to restore breasts to their natural position, but many women have questions about how it can impact breast size.

What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift is a surgical repositioning of existing breast tissue. The entire breast, including the nipples and areolas, is moved into a higher position in a breast lift procedure.

Who is a Breast Lift Best For?

This surgery is best for women who are unhappy with sagging or drooping breasts or for women who want their breasts to be higher on the chest cavity. It is recommended that women wait to have a breast lift until they are at a stable weight, and until they are finished having children. Additional pregnancies or significant weight changes after a breast lift may result in a return of the sagginess. This can be costly for the patient, as a correction would require a whole new breast lift surgery.

The Breast Lift Procedure

The breast lift procedure is designed to enhance the existing breasts. The size and shape of the breasts will remain the same, but they will be moved into a better position with a breast lift. Patients will not lose any breast tissue during their breast lift, so overall breast volume will remain the same. Only excess sagging skin is removed during a breast lift. In general, patients can expect their breasts to look the same way that they did before, but they will be in a higher position and there will be no more sagging.

The Breast Lift Consultation

For women who want more volume in their breasts in addition to an overall lift in breast position, a combination of procedures may be best. Many patients opt for both a breast lift and breast augmentation. During your consultation with Dr. Patterson, you can learn more about breast augmentation and breast lift.

Each procedure does something that the other one cannot. Breast augmentation adds volume but does not change position, while breast lift changes position but doesn’t impact volume. This means that the two procedures can complement each other very well, especially for women who are looking for a major change in overall breast appearance.

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